The Len Price 3 are a dirty garage rock band hailing from the Medway Delta. Their sound is forged in the Medway tradition, fusing driving energy, catchy hooks and a raw 60's garage sound. On disc and at live shows The Len Price 3 offer a truly memorable and invigorating sonic experience. Their first album, Chinese Burn, offers something for everyone from the Devils of Chatham Town to childhood memories of fat wrestlers on Saturday afternoon TV.

Comparisons will ultimately fall short of the mark, so do yourself a favour and give in to the sound of The Len Price 3...

Championed by Gold Joinee Rufous, who created their website for them, here. That is, he didn't create it there, but I've set up a handy link for you to click on.

I'm not sure who Len Price is, by the way, but they have a picture of him at their gigs.

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