There's a lot of interest in this site at the moment, so the Wiki section of this page has moved to the top, so that you can find out how to get involved... more about how to get involved in the rest of Join Me is lower down.

The Join Me WikiEdit

If you want to get involved in the Join Me Wiki, here's the basics of what you need to know:

  • Why this site has been created...
  • To create a page for yourself, type your Joinee name into the box below

Alternatively, check the more thorough help options...

Join Me Wiki 'Projects' To Get Involved InEdit

There are five main ongoing projects within Join Me Wiki:

Join Me itselfEdit

If you want to get involved in Join Me, but haven't already Joined, check out your local Join Me web-site here or the main one here... Alternatively send a passport sized photo (or rather a photo the size of one you'd put into a passport) to Danny at:

  • Join Me, PO Box 33561, London, E3 2YW (UK)

This will prove your commitment to the cause (just the right level of commitment - more commitment than, say, emailing him your picture, less commitment than travelling to his home and camping out on his doorstep).

People Already Involved In Join MeEdit

  • Check out the Who? section of this site.

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