Danny Wallace has a habit of writing the introductions to his books from obscure and interesting places. Or at least, of claiming to do so. There may or may not be veracity to these claims, but then again, there may or may not be rules to Mornington Crescent.

Volgograd is a city in Russia on the rivers Volga and Tsaritsa. It was formerly known as Stalingrad but was renamed after some unpleasantness with visitors from Germany. Before the rise of Stalin in the Soviet Union, it was known by it's Imperial Russian name, Tsaritsyn (which is derived from the Tartar language).

Interesting fact (or not)Edit

Volga is also a make of car made in Ukraine, formerly a part of the Soviet Union along with Russia (and other countries). They're known as "the Ukrainian Mercedes" because they're the biggest cars made there. That's about as far as you can take the comparrison.

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