The Madras Valley is immortalised through its mention in the book. Originally recommended by Joinee Jones through a leaflet posted along with his passport photo. Much to Danny's disappointment it turns out that it's less a restaurant and more a takeaway.

Various pilgrammages have been made to it through the years (trips were made there during RPPC and RPPC 2).



Danny finding fame through medium of spicy snacks

In recognition of the publicity that Danny gave to the Madras Valley, what better way to say thanks than by putting his name on some snacks (albeit spelt incorrectly - "Danny Vallae").

The head chef of the Madras Valley made a surprise visit at Karmageddon 2.


Madras valley

The Madras Valley

123 Castlehaven Road London NW1 8SJ

Tel: 020 7482 6460

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