A UK-based newspaper.

The Independent, affectionately known as "The Indy", and its associated Sunday publication, "The Independent on Sunday" is a UK "broadsheet" or serious newspaper. It is no longer actually "broadsheet" sized, having been amongst the vanguard in a recent shift by several papers to tabloid or berliner formats.

The paper is reknowned for its high quality photographs.

It is the least well-read of mainstream UK newspapers, but is consistently gaining ground on its rivals, principally those viewed as mildly left-of-centre politically, such as the Guardian and the Times.

It is not neccessarily any more "independent" than any other newspaper, counting on its board, for example, life peer Baroness Jay, a former member of the UK Government cabinet.

In October 2005 Danny's flat was spotted for sale in the property section of the paper.

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