This is where I'll collect together the different Chapters, in a handy list. I'll be locking the page entries, but if you've got any helpful comments, feel free to click on the 'discussion' tab above the relevant chapter (or here even), and have your say.

Yes, I know that it might not be the best idea to write a story directly onto the web, for purposes of copyright, etc. But I don't care, at the moment. Chances are, if the story proves popular, I'll remove it, and finish it at home...

Thank you.


Simply put, I'm writing about events in my life as they happen, but making judgements based on Tarot Cards that I draw. The card that sets me off on this adventure is the Ten of Swords. Tuesday 12th July's card is: Queen of Cups, Inversed.

TooManyFools Timeline - cards drawn, events that occur

Story:TooManyFools Prologue Peru, 2004

In which I introduce you to my 'party-trick' entertaining several new friends with my cards, and look at my life so far...

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