Join Date:

Silver Date: 4th June 2005

Gold Date:

Birthday: 22nd January

Where?: York, UK


In her own words...Edit

I'm a bookseller in York and one day whilst browsing through the mountain of freebie books I found a kinda thin (chap book as we say in the trade) tome by that bloke who does things with Dave Gorman, eventually read it and loved it but I was left wanting more as Danny had only written the first few chapters aaarrgghhh!

Eventually the book came out in full and my want was sated this man was ace I had to join him (although my husband was a little dubious and still is) I heartedly (?) reccomended the book to any one who asked me for a good book and any one who would listen selling to the young and old then last summer my good deeds (although not officially a Joinee) were rewarded our glorious leader came to my bookshop to do an event how fantastic was that.

I recruited more Joinee's by producing a form that they could fill in and give to Danny on the night (took it down the pub and recruited regulars and persuaded a few members of staff to Join) and that is the day I officially Joined (I'm not sure on the premise any more but I think I should be a silver perhaps you could let me know) I am incidently a googlewhack, and having met Mr Gorman last summer I much much prefer Danny he is funnier and much less grumpy and just sooo lovely.

  • I am no longer a googlewhack June 05*
  • and I am now an officially recognised silver (thank you DJ Whitby for pestering him on my behalf June 05*

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