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From (by Danny):

It turns out that Mr Price has been convicted of doing exactly that scam 162 times, since the 1950s. Fifty years! Hammersmith police know all about him, and he's even appeared on Crimewatch UK.

At first, I couldn't believe it. But then I started to think about what had occured. If it weren't for Raymond Price, I wouldn't have bought those cameras. If I hadn't have bought those cameras, hundreds of old men up and down this fine country would have lives that were slightly less good than they could have been. Hundreds of good deeds would not have been done, and I wouldn't have asked you to become The Karma Army.

So rather than be angry with Mr Price: I applaud him. And I feel I owe him something.

I figure the best thing we can do for Mr Price is keep him off the streets and out of trouble.

Imagine if we, as the Karma Army, could be responsible for making sure this old man never goes to jail again in his life. We can keep him on the straight-and-narrow!

I have worked out, from police reports and newspaper articles, that Raymond has been convicted 162 times of scamming between £7 and £38 out of people by telling them his car has broken down.

This means he has made between £1134 and £6156 out of kindhearted people in the last fifty years or so - that averages out at £3645. Which means that this criminal mastermind makes on average £72 a year from his scam.

Which is *rubbish*.

Surely it would be worth £72 a year just to keep Mr Price off the streets and out of jail? If that's all he wants, isn't that do-able, considering how many old men he has indirectly made happy, and how many good deeds are now happening world-wide, thanks to this human catalyst?

Between the lot of us, just 10p or so would be enough, on a yearly basis, to keep Price out of trouble!

Now, he won't get that money for free. Oh no. He'll have to sign a form, saying he'll promise not to scam anyone else out of anything. And if he breaks that promise - well, the money stops.

There are many hundreds of us. All it'll take is yearly donations of anything up to 50p, to keep this old man clean.

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