aka RJ Coole (who knows why?)

Join Date: Before October 2003ish

Silver Date:

Gold Date:

Birthday: 1st March

Where?: Birmingham/Canterbury, UK


Job: Uni Student (ok, not really a job...)

In her own wordsEdit

In the words of othersEdit

In the words of RJ Coolio:

At the 2000 Edinburgh Festival, Mummy Cooley tried to persuade the Sisters Cooley (Jen) and Coolio (Susi) that going to see a stand-up show about two men going around the world trying to find other people with the same name would be fun. The Sisters Cooley, along with Papa Cooley were sceptical of this, and oh, how wrong they were!

Joinee Cooley joined when she got bored one day and googled 'Danny Wallace' to see how many people also had Danny Wallace's name. For a while she wondered if Danny Wallace of Dave Gorman infamy new that some bloke with the same name had started a cult (sorry, collective). Then the book came out. Her older (but shorter) sister Joinee Coolio joined soon after.

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