The Raymond Price Pub Crawl 3Edit

Rppc crowd

Crowd at RPPC3 (in the Horse & Groom)

The Raymond Price Pub Crawl 3 was held on 7th May 2005. The competition was slightly different than in previous RPPC events in that in addition to the Random Acts of Kindness competition, there was also a Scavenger Hunt and a chance to open the "Envelope of Eternal Mystery".

Pubs visited:

Art Auction Edit

Danny painting

Painting of Danny by Joinee Rogers for the art auction.

Joinees were asked to draw pictures of The Leader and bring them along to RPPC3 to be sold as part of the art auction. This great painting was done by Joinee Rogers and was bought by Gold Joinee Smith for £70.

See more RPPC3 Art Auction Pics here

Charity Edit

£430 was raised at RPPC3 and a cheque was sent to St Catherine's Hospice in West Sussex in remembrance of Seph Lawrance who volunteered there before being murdered on 7th Jan 2005.

[St Catherine's Hospice]

Winners (and other teams) Edit

Rppc3 winners

Winning Team

  • "4 children and it" (WINNERS): Joinee leChalk
  • "Reservoir Raymond" (who dressed in Reservoir Dog styly): Joinee Goldy, etc.
  • Jesus and the Sisters of Mercy: Joinee Snoring Jesus, Claire, Emma, Kate, Joany and Emma

RPPC Events Edit

Further readingEdit

The Raymond Price Pub Crawl concept.

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