The Pizza Hut Story tells of an incident which happened at GGF2 in Nottingham. A drunken mob of Joinees, made up of Gold Joinee Sir Knight, Silver Joinee Gatesy, Joinee Bird, Joinee Dazza, and Joinee Shiny Shins, visited a central Nottingham Pizza Hut restaurant.

A very drunk Shiny Shins, over the course of the meal, accused the waiter of being a cow, attempted to slap a waitress because she had bunny ears on, and tasted the strongest orange squash.

The ordering didn't go well and Joinee Birds pizza was very late. In exchange for this error they gave all involved a free round of drinks. When the bill came at the end of the meal they had erroneously included these drinks on the bill. A by now even drunker Shiny pointed this out to the manager (whom he'd demanded to see) and said that he'd spotted this because "I'm an accountant". Which is wasn’t. And still isn't.

This story has been greatly reduced in length. If you’re lucky enough to find him on a meet feel free to ask Shiny for the full length story. Just be prepared to wave goodbye to at least half an hour.

Video clipEdit

  • The whole traumatic incident was retold (for the umpteenth time) on Brighton beach at the second Pirates Meet. You can see a video which includes the tale, here. (It's hosted on another website by Captain K, so if anything goes wrong with the link, please ask him about it.)

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