Peterborough? I have the dubious task of talking about Peterborough? I guess seeing as though I live here it falls down to me (though I'm hoping the Manc and Jock Daves may help me as they've been here).

Peterborough, bless it's chavvy heart, is nestled in the endless flatlands known as the fens.. East Anglia.

Renowned for sending poet John Clare 'round the bend and also being the resting place of Catherine of Aragon in the beautiful Peterborough Cathedral (which I personally think is better than St Pauls). Even Hereward the Wake chilled out here for a good period of time - my poor mate even got named after Kevin, I guess.

At first glance, Peterborough is another drab and dreary distant offshoot of London village (without the culture) but on closer examination there is actually a fair bit of history that's quite interesting.

Unfortunately, due to a recent influx of too many people requiring too much accommodation where there isn't any available, Peterborough has become infamous for the wrong reasons.

Gah!! What's happened to me! I'm defending the Boro!!

Just to even the balance, I'd rather live in Cornwall.

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