Nottingham and Join MeEdit

Fast becoming a hub of Join Me activity, thanks to Team Nottingham, the city is placed pretty centrally in the UK, ensuring visitors from both north and south. In particular, the annual Good Good Friday is a big favourite; in March 2005 it lured the Leader out of his normal London haunt to join in! :-)

  • There is a chat with members of the Nottingham Collective here!

Join Me LocationsEdit

You might want to visit:

Facts About NottinghamEdit

Nottingham is a city located in Nottinghamshire, in the East Midlands of England. Nottingham lies on the River Trent, which flows from Stoke-on-Trent to the Humber—the only major English river to flow north.

The 2001 census recorded a population of 270,300 in Nottingham itself, with around 613,723 people living in the surrounding conurbation (Greater Nottingham). The nearby East Midlands City of Leicester has slightly more people than the City of Nottingham, but its metropolitan area is not as big as Nottingham's.

Nottingham is famous for its involvement in lace-making, its association with the legendary outlaw Robin Hood, and the supposedly exceptional beauty of its young women. Perhaps not unrelatedly, Nottingham is also nationally famous for the high ratio of females to males, given at various times as between 3:1 to 6:1. In 2001, however, the official ratio was published as 1.015:1.

The heart of the city is the Old Market Square (the market moved in the 1920s), the largest such surviving in Europe. Most of the main shopping streets are around the square. The council house, whose dome can be seen for miles around, is at the top of the square. The market square has recently been redeveloped and now features a big fountain which is ideal for spalshing around in after a long day of Raoking.redevelop.

Further Information...Edit

...can be found by following this link about the city outwith Join Me's influence!

Are You Local?Edit

Nottingham Joinees can be (or will be soon) found here.

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