Here's a collection of people who are at least mentioned in the story of Join ME, even if they don't play a big part in it. Of course, several of these people play a very big part in it.


Danny’s family, Danny's dad, Danny’s mum, Gallus, Hanne’s dad

Named peopleEdit

Anna Bailey, Richard Bailey, Arlene Baptiste, Olivier Baptiste, Michael Buerk, Beverley Cherrill, Danny Devito, Laura Fulford, Mike Gayle, Sam de Graeve, Mark Goodier, Geri Halliwell, Gubs Hayers, Dennis M. Hope, Mr I. Jackson, Jo Johns, Tom Jones, Paul Kenny, David Koresh, Joanna Lumley, Steve Marshall, Miles Mendoza, Roger Moore, Sophie Moore and Mark Stephens, Robert Mugabe, Raymond Price,Prince Charles, Alan Robson, Jane Saunders, Arnold Schwarzennegger, Warwick Tatford, Anthony Thorpe, Ruby Wax, Bruno Wyndaele

Partially named friends, journalists and other strangersEdit

Adam’ at Teignmouth News, ‘Anna’, ‘Annalies’, ‘Anders’, 'Big Al', ‘Brian’, ‘Cecilie’, 'Cynthia', 'Dave', Denise at De Telegraaf, 'Emily', 'Erik', ‘Fletcher’, ‘Frank’ at De Standaard, ‘Gavin’ (the joiner), ‘Helen’, 'Ian', (ex) Joinee Jade, ‘Janne’, ‘Johny’, ‘Jon’, 'Mark', ‘Mike’, 'Monica', ‘Peter the Driver’, ‘Peter’ at De Standaard, ‘Raymond’ the journalist, 'Sian' at BBC Bristol, 'Simen' at The Aftnposten, 'Sophie' at 'Stedelijke Preventiedienst', 'Wim'


The Belgian Minister for Culture, the cast of Bread, The Chuckle Brothers, The Depressed Footballer, The Elderly Belgian, A Lady and Her Companion, The Magnificent Seven, The Mayor of Bruges, That old Sheffield man, The Onion Girl, That Policeman, The Taxi-driver

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