BIGGEST MEET EVER...JM's New Year's Resolution...

Date: 1st Jan 2006 (2nd is a UK Bank Holiday so plenty of travelling home time.)



Start the year as we mean to go on.

Here's the blag: rather than everyone travelling the country/world to get to a single venue, you get together with local Joinees and arrange your own local meet.

We create a huge list of where and when each of the meets are gathering on the 1st, and people can sign up to come along to the one that most takes their fancy. Some might have three people, and some might have 50, but they'll ALL be fun and worthwhile, and we can all come back and swap photos and stories the next day. (I'm also toying with the idea of banning London meets for the day to get us all out mingling in the stixx...)

Just imagine it - a day with NO POSTS AT ALL on the forum, but instead Joinees meeting face to face across the country!! Having fun & putting a smile on other peoples' faces at the same time! :D


- There MUST be RANDOM Acts of Kindness involved somewhere during the day.

- You must count the number of people who come along to the RAoKing part of your meet so that we can work out the total attendence. (350-odd at K2 is our number to beat).

- You must return with photos and stories to tell.

That's all the rules. Duck races, press coverage, kids' activities, quizes, charity collections, pub crawls etc etc etc are all down to yourselves to decide for or against.

So that would be the plan.

Who's up for it, and where will people be arranging meets?

Go on - be brave! It'll be fun. And imagine if everyone else goes to one and you don't ;)

If the idea takes off, (and I will be sorely disappointed in you all if it doesn't ) then I'll start a mini-site somewhere listing details of what, where and who - with approximate numbers to be housed on the day.

So what do we think?

Originally posted by Gold Joinee Rufous on the Joinee Forum

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