Loverpool IV was the fourth Loverpool Join MEet in Liverpool, England. It took place over the May Bank Holiday weekend, 23rd – 26th May, 2008.

Joinees assembled in Liverpool on the Friday evening, for Loverpool's traditional relaxed evening in the pub, and at Joinee's houses, with new people getting to know the gang, and old friends catching up, and getting ready for the events of the Saturday.

Saturday saw a particularly successful RAoK challenge, with the Joinees divided into several teams at the start of the day. Challenges – all of which had to be photographed as evidence – included performing various prescribed acts of kindness for various prescribed people. For example, café workers and members of the clergy had to be RAoKed, and the teams had to busk, raise money doing so, and do something nice with the money. Other RAoKs on the day included Team One (eventual winners!) becoming the fan club of a band who had come over from Chicago for the day, and were utterly thrilled with Liverpool as a result!

In the evening each Joinee chose a country to support in the Eurovision Song Contest which was displayed on the big screen in our booked room above the Pilgrim pub. There were a number of other games including "identify the Join-Knees". Typically, prize money was donated straight back into the charity kitty.

The Title Auction – which have become Loverpool's own light-hearted version of other meets' "silverings" and "goldings" – were popular as with last year, and the bidding was fierce. Many titles were awarded to people, rather than kept by the winning bidder.

Over £500 was raised for charity and much fun was had.

Many of those present declared that this was the best meet they had ever been to — high praise indeed, considering that last year's Loverpool III was officially voted "best meet of all time" on the Joinee forum!

Organising credit goes in large part to Joinees Joinee Amanda Keen, Joinee Jamie Roberts, Captain K, Joinee Laura Plub, and Joinee Seán Spacamonkey.


Joinees love to take photos of random acts of kindness in action! Here are some from Loverpool IV:

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