Loverpool took place in the delightful city of Liverpool, the European Capital of Culture 2008 became the Karma Capital of Kindness, just for a day.

Events included a RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) Challenge. The larger group split into 2 and went around the main landmarks of the georgeous Liverpool. Challenges included making a granny happy, making a whole family happy, and other such happy making challenges. Goodies such as flowers, mars bars and belgian chocolates were handed out to the Lovely Liverpudlians. Team Leaders dressed in inflatable sumo costumes (we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that sumo suits are very attractive to friendly goths)

There were many hugs to be had (some with goths in fountains, others with drunks outside bars, but all with good humour and love)

After the RAOK challenge, the 2 teams met and headed down slowly (due to free hugs signs) to Pierhead. There, the Joinee Olympics took place. A tug of war, british bulldog and mass skipping were just some of the highlights enjoyed by the sunburnt, tired but happy Joinees.

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