(Taken from the BBC news site)

Four attempted bombings took place exactly two weeks after the deadly 7 July blasts. Once again, they were spread out around the capital and once again there were three on underground trains and one on a bus.

None of the devices exploded and police recovered a wealth of forensic material.

Three of the suspected bombers began their journey at Stockwell underground station. Failed devices were found on trains at Oval and Warren Street stations and on a bus in Hackney. The fourth suspect entered the underground system at Westbourne Grove. A device was found on the Hammersmith and City line not far away at Shepherd's Bush. A fifth device was found in a rucksack abandoned in bushes at Little Wormwood Scrubs two days after the failed attacks.

Yasin Hassan Omar, suspected of attempting to set off the bomb at Warren Street, was arrested in Birmingham on Wednesday 27 July.

Muktar Said Ibrahim and Ramzi Mohammed were arrested during raids in west London on 29 July. Ibrahim is being linked to the attempted bus attack, while Mohammed is suspected of the Oval station attempt.

Another suspect, named by Scotland Yard as Osman Hussain and by Italian police as Isaac Hamdi, and suspected of attempting to bomb a Tube train near Shepherd's Bush, was arrested in Rome on the same day. An extradition hearing to bring Hussain back to Britain began on 30 July.

Police also arrested a man during a second raid in west London on 29 July. He is suspected of being a fifth would-be bomber.

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