This list of web addresses is based on one from the Join Me MSN group here, which is regularly updated by Gold Joinee Smith. However, since this is a Wiki, you should expect the two to be out of sync. If you're making a change here, please consider also submitting it to GJ Smith.

Also, please don't add any sites hosted by CJB (dot) NET. They'll fail the Wiki's spam filter. You can link to them through some other site if you like; for example TinyURL.

Main SitesEdit

  • Join Me! - Danny's official Join Me web portal! Check here for updates from The Leader! Also available here (same site, different address).
  • Join Me MSN group - With (mostly older) photos and the original (still sometimes used) chat-room.
  • The Join Me Photo archive - The photo archive for old meet pictures set up by Platinum Joinee Fowler. If you can't find a meet anywhere else then look in here!!

Location-specific SitesEdit

  • A site for Devon, looking much like the previous site, by Silver Rainbow Joinee Bishop.

Join Me CharityEdit

Other Charities and charitable organisations which Joinees work forEdit

Join Me NewsletterEdit

Join Me Swap ShopEdit

Seph Lawrance tribute siteEdit

Other relevant sites by Platinum JoineesEdit

Other relevant sites by Gold JoineesEdit

  • Gold Joinee Frost's site - Gold Joinee Frost has Join Me post-it notes, a form for submitting entries for Join Me Too (book 2) and some great pictures of Danny and Join Me taken in Edinburgh during the festival on his web site!
  • Acts of Kindness - Gold Joinee Saunders has a Join Me section in the Acts of Kindness organization.

Other relevant sites by Silver JoineesEdit

Other Joinees' sitesEdit

  • Bookcrossing - A book swapping web site. The journal of a book.
  • Old Join Me Forum - The old Join Me forum, strictly for retro posting and reminissing!

Web GroupsEdit

  • Join Me Yahoo group - With a backup chat room for when things go wrong with Microsoft! Now pretty much redundant since we have Mike Clarke's chat-room.

Other interesting placesEdit

  • flickr - a photograph hosting community which many Joinees use to make available photos of Joinees and Join MEets. If you register there, you can look at flickr's Join Me group which will help you to find many of the Joinees who use the site.

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