If you're a lady or a manny or a granny or a tranny, join Danny!

So says The Join Me anthem, are who are we to argue? This line is credited to 'Chris' of Vis a Vis in the book.


There are many ladies within Join Me. Really. Maybe not lady-like ladies, not all of them, but ladies all the same. If you're a lady, you can join Danny!


A 'Manny', or 'Man' as they are commonly known, are commonly known in Join Me, covering the whole range of males, from young boy to old man. If you're a manny, you can join Danny!


Apparently distinct from ladies (perhaps they stop becoming ladies once they reach a certain age, or have their first grandchild), nevertheless there are some grannies in Join Me. If you're a granny, you can join Danny!


Perhaps less so than the other three categories (possibly more than grannies, but who knows?), there are a small number of trannies in Join Me. Some of them may even be genuine! If you're a tranny, yes, you, you can join Danny!

Special MentionsEdit

Special mention goes to Gold Joinee Benner, who attempted to collect one each of a lady, a nanny, a granny and a tranny, although the latter was not an actual tranny, but Gold Joinee Brake in drag, or Simona as he ('she') was known for that day.

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