The IdeaEdit

Originally, the idea of Karmic Years was dreamt up by a Silver Joinee Brake around the time of Chinese New Year 2004. It was thought that that year should be the Karmic Year of the Duck, and that it should have officially started following the celebrations of Karmageddon 2. Previous years would have been the Karmic Year of the Book, 2003, when the book was first released, and the Karmic year of the Chicken (Dansak), 2002, when the first Joinee sprung into life with a letter recommending the Madras Valley's Chicken Dansak.

However, prior to Join Me June 1, Gold Joinee Brake had a change of heart. Having planned the Join Me June Sunday Picnic so that people who'd come to town for the main event could chill out in the sunshine, in Regent's Park, where there were many ducks to be found, and had suggested a duck race there, he decided this would be an opportune time to start the Karmic Year of the Duck properly. Furthermore, he suggested that it better suited 'Join Me' to have a Karmic Calendar that ran June-May, particularly with the Karma Army's enjoyment of puns and coincidence.

Since the calendar idea sprung into consideration, and seeing as there exist many copies of flyers advertising the event, it seems best to assume that the first day of June is the first day of the Karmic Calendar. Which means that back-dated Karmic Years are as follows:

The Karmic Year of The King (June 2005-May 2006)Edit

This is the year that King Danny takes to the streets to rally citizens, so it may well be the Karmic Year of the King. After all, every other Karmic Year has had a K in the name of the subject.

The Karmic Year of the Duck (June 2004-May 2005)Edit

Although duck-racing (and just general rubber duckiness) had been in full swing by now, it was nice to dedicate a Karmic Year to this noble creature. It was also nice to use my Karmic Duck graphic, previously used by Team Nottingham.

The Karmic Year of the Book (June 2003-May 2004)Edit

Marking the period over which the first book came out and running up to the publication of the second. This period is when a whole swathe of new Joinees joined, on the back of the book. Not literally.

The Karmic Year of the Chicken (June 2002-May 2003)Edit

Marking the time between the death of Gallus and the writing of the original book's Epilogue. Whilst the beginning date isn't properly documented (it's actually near the beginning of 2002), I'm allowing it to blur a bit. In any case, Danny describes the story as being "several very strange months", which seems to fit okay. For more details see 'Rough Timeline of Events in the Book'.

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