Karmageddon 5, also known as K5 or K:V, was the fifth annual Karmageddon Join MEet, on Saturday 1st December 2007. It took place in London, UK.

Events included the now traditional Karmageddon walk along Oxford Street, with a focus on giving out free hugs. There was also some handing out of presents, other RAoKing, and plenty of socialising amongst old friends and new!

Some new Joinees who'd never met any others came along, and several Joinees brought their parents along to see what it's all about.

In the evening was a retreat to a pub, where there were various events such as auctions, to raise money for charity. Over £1800 was raised!

Memories, lost property, etc.Edit

There is a special category for K5 on the Joinee forum: it's here.

Danny's speech, on videoEdit

Recorded for prosperity and now online, here is Danny Wallace's K:V speech


Photos are up on various sharing sites — those listed on the forum are linked here:

Photos at flickrEdit

Photos at other photo-sharing sitesEdit

Photos by non-Joinees, discovered online!Edit

Photos at FacebookEdit

You may not be able to view these if you are not friends or networked with the person sharing them.

The new year honours listEdit

(See Joinee ranks for an explanation and please note they're merely a bit of fun.)

The following awards were made:




Official Burly Sidekick (for the forum moderators)

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