The Leader writes a good account of the day here.


Money raised at K2 went:

  • ONE COW (large) to be donated to a family who really needs it in India. Fantastic.
  • ONE NUTRITION KIT – 500 children in areas hit by war or natural disasters won’t now go without food… 500 of them! Nice one, joinees!
  • ONE FISHING BOAT to be given to a village in India to help them become more self-sufficient. Which is brilliant. A whole fishing boat!
  • A REVOLVING GOAT – not literally a revolving goat – although I’d pay good money to see that. This is a goat that’s passed from village to village in Africa, making more goats and helping to rebuild damaged communities…
  • XMAS HAMPERS – some old people in Britain aren’t going to be getting any visitors this Christmas. Well, they are now. Oxfam are going to send FOUR pensioners a huge Christmas hamper packed with not just goodies, but expensive household essentials for comfort and warmth, too.
  • RANDOM FLOWERS – I picked three random names and addresses of people listed on from all around the country, and ordered some flowers to be delivered to their house, with the message ‘Happy Christmas from joinees everywhere…’ and then this web address.
  • WARMING UP THE HOMELESS – Three guys living on the streets in London now have gloves, hats and a Thermos flask each (which, as Joinee Whitby pointed out to me, they can fill each night at places like Starbucks, who would otherwise throw the coffee out… but instead give to people who might need warming up of an evening).

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