Karmageddon! The Join Me book ends, pretty much with Karmageddon, an event forever part of Karma Army history. And despite the apocalyptic title it has been an inspiration to all those who Joined after the book came out, and Karmageddon 2, or K2 as it became known, had more Joinees turn up than The Leader anticipated.

The next Karmageddon will be happening in 2014!

But what is Karmageddon?Edit

Karmageddon 1

Karmageddon 1 at the Horse and Groom

Simple. It occurs on the first weekend of December, traditionally. The Leader leads the way, down Oxford Street, his Joinees following him, brandishing big signs, leaflets and gifts (the gifts to be handed out at times designated by the blowing of a whistle), and once the crowd has travelled far enough, everyone heads off to the pub for the rest of the evening. Hooray!

Karmageddons so farEdit

There 2343 two original Leader-organised Karmageddons:

Plus there've also been a couple of Karmageddon spin-offs and more "real" Karmageddi (Leader-approved, in order to gain the use of the title):

  • Karmageddon 2.5 a.k.a. Join Me June (pretty "official" in that it had a lot of Leader involvement) (June 2004)
  • Karmageddon 2 point something a.k.a. 2 point 5 recurring, or (somewhat unofficial but we needed another one) (autumn 2004)
  • Karmageddon 3 (December 2005) (all the following in late November or early December too)
  • Karmageddon 4 (2006)
  • Karmageddon 5 (2007)
  • Karmageddon 6 (2008)
  • Karmageddon 7 (2009) -- at which an ambulance was lost, though eventually found...
  • Karmageddon 8 (2010)
  • Karmageddon 9 (2011)
  • Karmageddon 10 (2012)
  • Karmageddon 11 (2013)
  • Karmageddon 12 (2014)
  • Karmageddon LUCKY NUMBER (this will happen in 2015... precise date yet to be set)

Not to be confused with...Edit

Unfortunately, Karmageddon, like Karma-chanic, isn't the most difficult pun to think up, and Danny has been far from the only person. Maybe we should let these people know the error of their ways, just as a token of good will?

  • Carmageddon the PC racing/car destruction game. One of the best games ever made (says whoever dropped this link in). I've played it and it's not bad, but one of the best games? Ever? Wow!

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