Whilst the exact start date for the Join Me Collective is hard to pin point many members like to consider the month of June the official anniversary. June 2003 saw the release of the book in its 1s Edition print. There is no doubt that this event helped the growth of Join Me become the collective that it is today.

A year late, June 7 2004, and the book had an increddible re-release . Danny 'The Leader' Wallace used this opportunity to thank all of those around the world for their support and involment. In a unique style that only Danny could possibly have he organised the largest celebration party the collective had ever seen, an attendance record for a Join Meet that is still to be beaten.

Join Me June, not just a weekend meet, an entire month for Joinees all over the world to celebrate what a 10,000+ Collective can do to Make The World A Better Place to live in.

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