a.k.a. Mark

Join Date: December 2004

Silver Date:

Gold Date:

Birthday: 16th November

Where? Edinburgh, Scotland


Job: Uni Student

In the words of othersEdit

Joinee Wisniewski was introduced to the Edinburgh collective during the summer of 2004 when Peartree meets became a regular thing and his girlfriend Rainbow Joinee Coolio dragged him along.

After six months of his attendance at meets without having joined, things finally came to a head at the Edinburgh Christmas meet of 2004 when Gold Joinee Gresham and Silver Joinee Good decided that Non-Joinee Wisniewski should drop the "non". We went to Tesco Metro and bought envelopes, and a letter and passport photo were sent off along with the toys and jokes from some crackers, some crackers (flattenened to fit into the envelope), and other various pieces of miscellania that were lying about at the time.

Joinee Wisniewski sometimes like to pretend that he was forced under duress to Join, but we all know that he's just attention seeking and actually really likes being a Joinee. After all, nobody forces him to come to the pub, do they?

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