Join Date: July 2004

Silver Date: K4, 2nd Dec 2006

Gold Date:

Where?: Halifax, West Yorkshire


Birthday: 1st April

aka: Joinee Twinkle

In her own wordsEdit

I Joined in July 2004. My brother (Gold Joinee Worm) and his wife had arrived to visit for my daughter's naming/hello to the world day and as a RAoK he gave me a copy of the book he had picked up in a charity shop. I read the whole thing cover to cover over the next two days and, as is usually the case, I decided I had to Join.

It took me a further, very frustrating, two days to find a photo booth (and have the most awful photo taken in my life) and post it off. I was offically a Joinee!!!!

My first few RAoKs were very scary - I mean I was scared, not that I scared people - but after I had got the first couple out of the way it became much easier. I also gained confidence and help and support by using the forums at Join-me and KarmaArmy.

I got to my first Join MEet in Wakefield in April 2005, when the Leader came to open an exhibition at the Media Centre. It was great to finally meet other Joinees (sometimes it gets a bit lonely out there on your own!) and obviously meeting the Leader and Diamond Joinee Whitby was just the icing on the cake.

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