Join Date: Septermber 2004

Silver Date:

Gold Date:

Where?: Teddington, London, UK


In his own words (or someones)Edit

Joinee Thompson lives in Teddington and is a 16-year-old legend. He is part of The Fearless Three, with Joinee Troshy and Joinee Palmer, this legendary trio had such hits as "Drinking cocktails with the BBC" and "Go Cut Your Nails!"

Joinee Thompson joined as a joinee in September 2004, after being pestered to read "Join Me" by Joinee Troshy. Soon after reading this classic tale, which has since been described as "the new bible", his mind was made up and he joined at the next opportunity.

Joinee Thompson's greatest act as a joinee was attending the music video for the leader’s new country. He loved it, and for all those who attended, “Hello, I was the one wearing the stripey jumper.”

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