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Silver Date: GGF2

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Where?: Currently in Edinburgh



In the words of othersEdit

Joinee Morrow is a great man hailing from the North West of England. His love of Beer, Blackburn Rovers Football Club and Accounting are known across the land. His tales of dead pigeons wearing hats, and phone calls to friends in Newcastle for directions home from "somewhere in London, but I don't know where" are the stuff of legends.

A founding member of the fellowship of the drink, he is often found with a beer close at hand. For entertainment he can also throw a cigarette into his mouth and catch it between his lips, despite not being a smoker.

Having attained a First Class degree through bribery and torture (this is not proven, but he drank far too much to actually work to get it) he is training to work as a high flying business man, but still harbours dreams of one day playing for his beloved Rovers.

He currently has a popular fan club on Facebook.

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