Joining date: sometime in 2006


Golding: Karmageddon 6

Second Golding: K7 December 2009

First meet: FABFEB 2007

Where?: Liverpool


In his own wordsEdit

Well, i joined sometime last year, my first meet being FABFEB 2007. Which was spectacularly ace.

Since then I've met loads and loads of people and made some great friends. For me this whole experience is about more than the whole "cult" thing. It's about making a difference, not always a big one, or even an important one. But you make a little difference, even if it's only to yourself.

Join me has helped me to be a lot more me a lot of the time. And that's ace.

I helped to organise Loverpool 2007, which i consider to have been one of the best meets of the year, i'm well proud of what we managed to get done in that (excessively) long weekend (for me it lasted 7 maybe 8 days). Myself and Joinees Plub, Spaca-Monkey and the rest of the north west collective have started planning next years already, and it is going to be something else.

I'm approachable, and nearly always happy to chat, usually about something spiritual or smutty.

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