Joinee Hunt Edit

Join Date: 2003

Silver Date:

Gold Date:

Where?: Wrexham, North Wales

Website?: All Things Film

In His Own Words Edit


I'm Joinee Hunt, I was born in Wrexham on 25/10/1975, which makes me a Scorpio. I work as a Customer Service Rep. for a well-known utility company, & I've been a Joinee since 2003, having joined after reading Danny's book.

Despite having joined ages ago, my firsy JoinMeet wasn't until 27th/28th October 2006, when I attended the Halloween Meet in Chester, which was ace!

I have a MySpace page, & don't mind any Joinees wishing to add me to theirs. It's the usual link, with adamatwxm added to the end.

Also, I can't believe that I'm the only Joinee on here from Wrexham. Surely there must be others?

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