Join Date: April 2005

Birth Date: 12th July 1968

Silver Date: 6th December 2008 at K6

Gold Date: 5th December 2009 at Karmageddon 7

Diamond Date: 3rd December 2011 at K10

Where?: Billericay, Essex

Website?: Facebook Page

In his own wordsEdit


I'm Joinee Darren, from Billericay in Essex in the UK.

I joined in April 2005, after receiving a "Best Wishes" card from a total stranger whilst collecting money for St. John Ambulance outside the TESCO supermarket in Great Dunmow! It simply had RAOK on the front, and the web address inside, and well, here I am!

I work in Human Resources for a large electronics firm in Basildon, and my main free-time activity is St. John Ambulance. I am fully trained in First Aid and Ambulance work, and am now County Commissioner for Essex!

Through 2005/06 my dad was not well, and so many Joinees were totally amazing sending him cards and presents! He was absolutely delighted by it all and it helped him and my mum through some pretty rough times. More details are to be found in our Forum at this thread. Dad passed away peacefully in the early hours of 24th August 2006.

At K4 (December 2006) I earned the new title of Ducktastic Joinee Darren in recognition of the discovery and distribution of flashing disco ducks!

K5 saw me helping with the charity raffle for the first time. Together with Platinum Joinee Mum White we raised about £280. At K6 the team was reunited, this time raising just short of £400! I was also delighted to be Silvered by The Leader.

For Karmageddon 7 we supported two charities - St. John Ambulance and St Mungo's, and once again I was pushing raffle tickets! We had a superb result with the fundraising, and the final total was nearly £4000 split between the two charities. I was also amazed to be Golded by The Leader, only a year after achieving Silver!

After a quiet year I returned to raffle duties at K8, then for K10 in December 2011 I was only able to attend for part of the evening, but still ended up folding the ticket stubs - I just can't resist helping out! And in recognition of my volunteering efforts - mainly of course for St John Ambulance - I was astounded to be given Diamond status by The Leader!

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