Join Date: 2002

Silver Date:

Gold Date:

Birthday: 31st May

Where?: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK


Job: Handyman

In his own wordsEdit

I first became aware of Danny through reading "Are You Dave Gorman?", Then upon hearing of his new book, Join Me, rushed straight out and bought myself a copy. Well, I say 'rushed straight out', to be honest I probably put it to the back of my mind and enjoyed a nice cup of tea while watching a DVD until I was mooching round the town and noticed it in the shop window. But Then I rushed straight in and bought myself a copy, oh yes!

I loved the book and decided I should go along to a book signing Danny was having in Newcastle and hand over my passport photograph. So I went along to the book signing Danny was having in Newcastle and handed over my passport photograph. I had already passed on my copy of the book to a friend in my first RAOK, so I needed a new one anyway! Danny was a top bloke.

If it's info on me specifically you want then I'm 28 (at time of writing anyway), a handyman, living with my fiance Vikki who I'm marrying in October this year (2006). I'm an easy going kind of fella and do my best RAOK-wise.

Joinee Burnsey

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