Join Date: 2002

Silver Date:

Gold Date:

Birthday: 5th December

Where?: Edinburgh, UK


Job: Computer Support

In her own wordsEdit

I, like many others, came to know Danny through Dave and AYDG. I used to frequent his website and even conversed with the girls from 'Wequitelikedannywallace'. So found out about Join Me from his website, in the fairly early days, certainly before the Join Me website and the book etc. I can't remember when I sent my pic off but my first JoinMe email is dated October 2002. I think the best RAoK is standing next to someone who is looking for that 5p or 10p to give a cashier to save breaking a £20 or something and just handing it over...the look on their face is a picture.

I'm originally from Birmingham and went to both the first Nottingham and Birmingham meets. I need to thank Tony and James (Hodges and Frost) for that, as they convinced me to - they are both fabulous joinees. Going to London for K2 could have been one of the greatest days ever, so many memories, met so many fantastic people, got so very drunk - just a sign of meets to come!

I've since moved to Edinburgh, where I've met even more lovely people and we play host to some great meets during the summer. I'm glad I was part of the first Amsterdam meet, again a great group of people.

Im an odd character within Join Me (arent we all though?!), before knowing me you'd swear blind I was the quiet one! Haha! However, I'm sure they'd be folk who'd contest that these days. I love the community that Join Me has become and hope it continues for a long time yet.


Joinee Bird

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