Joinee AndyKinsey From Join Me

Join Date: Actual:Feb 14th 2006 (forum 3days later)

Silver Date: -

Gold Date: -

Where?: Manchester!

Website?: [1]

Job:Tax-Dodging Student

In his own wordsEdit

I was introduced to the likes of JOIN ME by a friend, odette, during 2005. after a while of the idea brewing in my head i went ahead and bought the book, 'join me - a cult started my accident'. Ok it took me a while to read it, mainly due to at the time being a very busy person, really i was! ok 3months happy now?. It was around 3 months later i actually decided i would become a joinee, and on Febuary 14th (Valantines day) 2006 i posted my picture off!!! making myself a joinee. just 3 days later again the knowledge of odette came to hand as i blundered into the forum for the first time.

over the first few months i used the forum sparsly infact it was only when the forum actually gained a new look and domain i found myself using it everyday. it went from an occastional habbit to being something of a passion of mine, giving people my input on various ideas, aswell as of course carrying out my on Random Acts Of Kindness.

My best (in my opinion) RAoK was just before the summer holidays (at college) when 9 boxes of ice creams were given out to people randomly in the streets, some funny looks were given but overall the area smiled with glee!!! this became known as FREE ICE CREAM DAY (oh the adventure).

So thats me Joinee AndyKinsey

Since the aboves posting in febuary 2007.... Joinee AndyKinsey's adventures have continued: most recently Andy decided it was time for a change in life, a rather large shift towards being a much much better person. He decided life needed lifting and having considered carefully the changes he would make he has begun to carry them out, with his biggest one (showing of his beliefs in religion) to be symbolised on April 8th 2007 (easter sunday). Apart from this Joinee AndyKinsey has become a much happier person due to these changes, with his karma becoming increasingly great because of the changes. Joinee AndyKinsey has increased his joineeship and karma has increased within, indeedhe has attened many meetings, recuruited many, and had a damn good giggle

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