Joinee Name: Joinee Andy

Real Name: Andrew White

Date Joined: ask Joinee Mum White, I dont know!

Job: slacker (a.k.a. student)

In words he may claim are not his own...Edit

Having joined at some point in time (see above) this young Joinee set about his mad plan of producing happy bags, that being a bag designed to make someone happy because it contained nice things like chocolate, 'round tuits' (dont ask), and fluffy googley-eyed things. However his scheme was cut short by a headmaster who banned the spreading of happiness (although for good reasons) after this set back he became relatively inactive until... The Leader needed people for a certain music video. Springing back into action he became Lovely long before How To Start Your Own Country was aired (much as many other Joinees did). Now with two offical Join Meets under his belt (Brighton Pirate Meet (II) and a random meet in Edinburgh) he's filled with a new vigor for all things Join Me related!

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