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I joined back in the days when I was living in Stroud, a small town in Gloucestershire. I had read 'Are You Dave Gorman?' and seen Danny's site, so I sent off my passport photo as a bit of a lark. The whole Random Acts of Kindness thing really hadn't taken off by this point and I was bit confused about what I had actually joined.

Well, I moved back to Australia the following year and was in a bookstore one day, when I saw 'Join Me!' the book. It suddenly clicked that I knew about this Join Me thing and I proceeded to read it. It was very amazed that I was actually in the book. (p 74 in the 2004 UK edition, sixth row down, foruth picture in from the left. Yep's that's me in a dorky Danzig hoody. It's the same photo on my British Rail Young Persons Railcard!)

I was really impressed with the whole Join Me thing and have been trying to do nice things ever since. Trying being the optimum word. I went to Join Me June in London when I went back over in June 2004, the day that England beat Iceland 6-2. I met so many new faces and got completely smashed and it was great! I also got to go to the famous Cock. And I'm not talking chickens. But I had even more fun when I went over this year for a research trip and got to go to Good Good Friday in Nottingham. So many rad people and so many memories, blighted by alcohol! The list of fellow Joinees that make me smile is too long to mention really, but those wacky kids such as Bing, Varma, Hannah, Simon, Sweeney, Peck, Shiny Shins, Phillips, Gaz, Chris are only the tip of an incredible iceberg!

Joinees of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your public decency!

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