Hmmm.. Seeing the link to Join Me playing cards really brought back some memories.

I remember Si bringing his first batch to JMCI and us all being over-awed by how cool they were!! If you haven't seen them, they're like a pack of top trumps but all the cards are based on a joinee. We all have points for different abilities, RAOKing, drinking etc..and it includes a quote from each of us (some we'd rather forget..).

I'm still keen on getting my hands on a pack and would be more than grateful to give Si a small wad of my hard earned cash in exchange for a bundle of paper featuring you lovely lot.

My first Joinee meet was Joint Me Amsterdam - I was already amazed at Si's wicked artwork and had sneakily put one of his designs onto a T-Shirt. If anyone hasn't seen them, the Join Me If.. posters and flyers are just amazing.

That's my tuppence worth..I'm not really sure what the idea is for these pages so feel free to delete or add to this garbling mess!

kes xxx

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