A Join MEet is a gathering of Joinees. Typically this will involve performing Random Acts of Kindness in teams, stopping for a few drinks in a suitable pub (such as The Cock), pilgrimages to locations from the book, and inevitably a bit of duck racing...

The best way to find a major meet you can go to is to check the calendar. For these and also smaller meets, just keep a regular eye on the Join Me Forum where you can even get involved in arranging them!

Some meets are one-off events organised as and when people take the fancy, or around some other special occasion within or outwith the Join Me world!

However, major meets often become recurring traditions, like these:

The Karmageddon tradition, in London:

The "Good Good Friday" tradition in Nottingham:

The Brighton pirates meets and occasional Day of the Dragon (on St. George's Day)

The annual JOINverness Pilgrimage in Inverness

Loverpool, annually in Liverpool

Fab Feb in Birmingham

Glastravaganza in Glasgow — not a recurring meet yet, but just wait for next year!

  • If the name of a meet appears in red, it probably means nobody has written about it yet (unless they've given their page some other name). Why not do your own write-up? Just click on the red link and start editing the page!

Important noteEdit

Please see this extra advice about children and families at Join MEets.

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