The original JOINverness Pilgrimage took place on Saturday 24 July 2004, and thanks to lots of publicity within Join Me and in the regional press, an amazing 40 people descended on Falcon Square in the middle of the city, including many brave souls who had megabussed it overnight from London.

It being Inverness, it rained.

Numerous raoks were done in the form of RAOK Bingo, and then the pilgrimage itself to the cathedral took place. There, Gareth Saunders gave a tour, pointing out the bust of Bishop Eden that got stickered and the seat that The Leader sat in.

The group then descended upon the Harlequin bar, then went for a curry. The meet was covered on BBC Radio Scotland, and the excellent 5 minute piece on it is on the Join Me Highlands website.

On the Sunday – thankfully in the sunshine – those who were still around went to Loch Ness.

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