JMC2, an abbreviation for the misnomer "Join Me Cottaging 2", was a return to The Cottage, this time in September 2005, where Kes, Claire, Mhairi, Kate, Kieran, Warren, Jon, Chris and the Dangerous Brothers, Luca and Natal, were joined by Matt Bee,Kate AG, Gresh Snr,Rufous, Anunciada, Goldy, Jessie, Westy, and Jo (later to become Joinee Jo.)

Steve was remembered with a Chewbacca figurine, and Si with something else that currently escapes your correspondent's mind...

Full details were provided in Edition 2 of The Good Times.

Highlights included long days on the beach, and visiting a Cornish Tin Mine and The Eden Project, as well as the usual array of late night indignities, including Werewolf, The Spot Game, Truth or Dare and I Have Never.

Please note that although you may read about this holiday in the blogs or on the forum, Cottaging is a holiday amongst friends, many of whom are also Joinees, but is not in fact a Join MEet of any sort.

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