Greetings and salutations to you!

Internat. Joinee Darling was born in leafy Surrey, England but split her childhood years between London's East End and the sunny island of Mauritius (where her grandparents - one of whom was an Italian hippie - lived) She moved to Sweden 3 years ago for love, fresh air, open countryside, food and free university education (and NOT because she wanted to chat up Freddie Ljungberg - Arsenal's Swedish footie star - in his own language!).

The split childhood led to her wanderlust, love of other cultures and love of shopping and partying. Those who meet her refuse to believe she is British because she is 'too cosmopolitan' and 'doesn't act or look British!' :D

A trained radio journalist, Darling has also worked as a funeral assistant (a job she loved as the clients never answered her back!), head bar tender, and (briefly) a sort of secretary to Queen Elizabeth II of England. She also has a Masters Degree in Applied (medical) Ethics. Despite being an all round know-it-all, she still hasn't passed her driving test nor won a Blue Peter badge.

Stuff driving cars - Darling can drive a (small) dog sled (with the help of Nallo the Alaskan Malamute sleddog - who also accompanies her on many of her RAoK's) Darling is also attempting to teach her cat - Tiger Lillycub - to pull a minisled.

Darling joined the Join Me cult/collective in the Spring of Can't Remember after finding an article (in NOW magazine) on the cult hidden amongst a mountain of paperwork from England (this triggered a memory of Danny discussing his creation on the Richard & Judy show). She hasn't looked back since!!

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