Originally protected as one of William the Conqueror's favourite hunting grounds, Hyde Park is now the largest of the Royal Parks that make London the world's greenest capital city.

Famed for the roller-bladers - the cast of Starlight Express used to whiz up and down on their days off - The Serpentine - where the police had difficulty stopping women from bathing topless in the 1920's - Speakers' Corner - soap-box oratory from asylum escapees - and Kensington Palace - Princess Diana's former offical residence. She once pulled a man from a car after he'd driven it into one of the Serpentine's tributaries.

Number One, London - The Duke Of Wellington's former residence - is positioned at Hyde Park Corner to the south-east.

Positioned north and east of Kensington, south of Notting Hill, and west of Park Lane and Oxford Street, it's nicely central and a favoured spot for Joinees to congregate on sunny summer days for picnics and poi.

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