A Join MEet has been held in Chester at Hallow'een for several years now.


There is, as usual at meets, RAoKing (random acts of kindness) on the streets of the town, followed by charity auctions and fun in the pub.

Seasonal (scary!) costumes are worn by all in attendance at this meet!

Please see advice for children and families since the meet will end in a pub.


2008's event will begin on the evening of Hallow'een itself since the 31st of October happens to be a Friday; it will continue all weekend with daytime events on the Saturday and Sunday.

Exact times and places of meeting will be announced soon.


It is being organised by the Loverpool team from Liverpool but takes place in Chester as traditional. There are Joinees based in Chester, but they're busy having a baby! :-)

All Joinees and those considering Joining are welcome to come (and bring friends too!) — don't worry if you don't know anyone, we will all try to be as welcoming as we can!

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