Greenwich, food of the gods.

No, wait, that's green beans. Or green Chartreuse. Or something like that.

Greenwich is a borough in London, south of the River Thames and just west of the flood barrier, so it should stay quite dry.

It's where 12 o'clock lives, or at least, the Royal Observatory there is where the Greenwich Meridian goes, hence "Greenwich Meridian Time", or GMT.

But that's not important right now.

It's where Joinees Phillips, Scotty, and K are about to be living. Possibly some others too, in their enormous house; if we can persuade Silver Joinee Jesus to "join us" (sorry) then we may have to call it the "House of God" but we'll try to avoid that.

Nearby is Lewisham, homeland(ish) of a whole bunch more Joinees.

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