Good Good Friday IV, a.k.a. GGF4, was the fourth in the Good Good Friday series of Join MEets, at which Joinees perform Random Acts of Kindness ("RAoKs") around the streets of Nottingham, UK, with the organisational backup of the local Joinees, Team Nottingham.

It took place on the real Good Friday, and the surrounding days, around 6th April 2007.

The event included a "north versus south" football match on the Saturday, the third time this traditional event has taken place. The south enjoyed a 3-2 victory. The trophy was broken – for the second time in its history – and so this meet may go down in history for the creation of "The Smashes" — Join Me's version of The Ashes.

Do you see what we did there?? ;)

Some photos from the meetEdit

Lots of Joinees put their photos online these days. Here are a selection from GGF4:

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