Ggf 1

Joinees at GGF 1 in 2004

Good Good Friday was an annual Join MEet organised by Team Nottingham in the city of Nottingham, to coincide with The real Good Friday. Being a Friday, it already is considered a Good Friday by Join Me standards, but as explained below, it's like a Good Friday to the power of two.

There follows a snippet from a BBC interview with Gold Joinee Benner (which can be found in full here) :

Every Friday people who have joined Danny (become a Joinee, if you will) perform a Random Act of Kindness for a stranger. We call every Friday, Good Friday. But on Friday 25th March (2005) it’s already Good Friday. It’s like Good Friday squared. Like a critical mass of goodness.
My plan is this. If I could get lots of joinees from all over the world together in Nottingham, I could ask them to go out into the streets armed with Easter eggs and hand them out to complete strangers, hopefully making those strangers a lot happier...
Help make Nottingham a much more chocolatey, happy place by joining us for Good Good Friday.

Most GGFs included a gathering on the Thursday night in the Malt Cross pub; a RAoK march on the Friday morning after breakfast together, lots of Nottingham-based fun, including trips to some famous pubs as the day went on, and a big gathering in one of the pubs by the canal through the afternoon where there would be games and charity auctions. Finally a trip to the Cookie Club for dancing was almost inevitable. The following day would see the momentous north-versus-south football match tradition along with more visits to famous pubs and other less alcoholic attractions such as the castle. There were also frequent group participations in the city's ghost tours. On the Saturday night it was traditional to dance the night away at Rock City. Finally on Sunday the remaining gang tended to breakfast together before saying goodbye. All together, this made GGF pretty much the biggest of the Join Meets, attracting fewer people than the Christmas-ish Karmageddon, but lasting longer. Only Loverpool could sometimes claim to drag on for longer!

Good Good Friday was retired in 2014 as the Nottingham team, together with attendances, shrunk.

Good Good FridaysEdit

  • GGF1 (2004)
  • GGF2 (2005)
  • GGF3 (2006)
  • GGF4 (2007)
  • GGF5 (2008)
  • GGF6 (2009)
  • GGF7 (2010)
  • GGF8 (2011)
  • GGF9 (2012)
  • GGF10 (2013)
  • GGF11 (2014) -- the last one!

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