Join Date: January 2005

Silver Date: 3rd December 2005 (K3)

Gold Date: 2nd December 2006 (Karmageddon 4)

Birthday: 24th January

Where?: London, UK


In his own words...Edit

Heavens. Joined in Feb 04, and am loving very nearly half of every minute of it!

Silvered at K3 Dec '05, for reasons unknown to me - when pressed, The Leader said "Because you're big man with a big hat" - which I really couldn't argue with at the time.

Golded at K4 for organising the 24 Peaks Challenge, although I shall demote myself if I don't finish!

For anyone who reads this and is interested, you can support our 24 Peaks Challenge effort using our Justgiving Page.

I can usally be found in London, suffering at the hands of my Japanese employers!

Other StuffEdit

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