Join Date: Errrrr, end of August 2003, but not sure of exact date, though - sorry!

Silver Date:

Gold Date: 3rd December 2005 (K3)

Birthday: 27th December

Where?: Here? yes, here. That's London. Lewisham, to be precise.

Website?: Does this mean do I have my own website, or just ones that I like? If it's the first, then nope, rien de website for me, but if it's ones I like, then have a look at this one:

In her own wordsEdit

I love being a joinee.

Without wanting to induce vomiting, through Join Me I've met hundreds of people I otherwise never would have, and been places it's unlikey I would've been. I've made some really *great* friends, and generally people who *have* made a real impact on my life. I've also drank a LOT more beer than I otherwise would've, I'm sure of it.

Before I joined, would I have responded positively to a suggestion that I travel to the other side of London to eat pie for breakfast in a pub I'd never heard of? Well yes, ok, so I probably would've. But would I have travelled the UK visiting towns and cities where I hardly knew anyone to meet with a bunch of strangers for a pint or three? No. I bloody would now though.

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