Join Date: 24th July 2003

Silver Date: 16th October 2004 (RPPC_2)

Gold Date: 26th March 2005 (GGF2)

Where?: Edinburgh, UK


Email?: douglas.gresham at

Messenger?: (MSN), 104247537 (ICQ), joinee_gresham (YIM)

In his own wordsEdit

Gresham (Sr) NU

Joinee Gresham: All hail the president!

Hello! I'm Joinee Gresham. I've been a joinee since 24th July 2003 (yes I'm sad enough to remember that), so I'm been around a while (my grubby little face even made it into the second edition of the book - only just mind).

I'm president of the Edinburgh University Join Me Society, although I think they're starting to see the error of their ways in electing me. I shall have to suppress them by force (who'll sell me an AK-47?). We did an article for the Student newspaper a while back, you can see it here

I'm also something of a prat, with a penchant for silly projects (even before I joined). I have been known to spend a whole month talking only in the third person (and I still slip back into that occasionally, to general annoyance). I was made a Gold Joinee for changing my name (legally and with associated paperwork) to Douglas Special Gresham at GGF2 for charity (see to find out more).

I have a rather pathetic little website at (the FAQ of which has somehow made it onto the main forum . . . scary biscuits). I haven't updated it in a very, very long time though.

Rumours of crossdressing are definitely over-exaggerated (unless referring to my 19th birthday, or the episode in the Alps, or the Miss Junction competition later this year, or THAT WIG at GGF).

Away from Join Me, I'm an amatuer computer games designer, and my first proper release should be within a couple of months. Exciting times.

There's a photo of me here. The caption lies.